Teaching kids that they are valuable to God and because He values us, we should value others.

A Treasure is Valuable!

There are many things God treasures but you are his most valuable of all!

In this series, we’ll talk about how we treasure something and show that it has value. We’ll also look at the parable of the lost treasure as we learn how Jesus gives all He has to get to the treasure… which is US!  We’ll discover the Pearl of Peace, the Jewel of Joy, and find the Gold of Goodness as we adventure through this 7-week lesson to discover all of the things that God treasures.

Ages: 3-K and Grades 1-5

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Scope and Sequence

Lesson 1: Treasure God’s Word

Lesson 2: You are God's Treasure

Lesson 3: What Do You Treasure?

Lesson 4: Jewel of Joy

Lesson 5: Pearl of Peace

Lesson 6: Gold of Goodness

Lesson 7: Generous Heart

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