The Fruits of the Spirit as you’ve never seen before.

Let’s meet the Super Fruit!

The Fruits of the Spirit come alive in this 11-week lesson. Clearly, all fruits are planted and grow from seeds. Especially Super Fruit! We can plant Super Fruit seeds in our hearts. Each Super Fruit has a superpower and special ability. During this series, we will discover the power of each Super Fruit and share its power with others.

Ages: 3-K and Grades 1-5

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Scope and Sequence

Meet the Team - Introduction

Love Strawberry - Lesson 2

Joy Banana - Lesson 3

Peace Orange - Lesson 4

Patience Apple - Lesson 5

Kindness Kiwi - Lesson 6

Goodness Grape - Lesson 7

Gentleness Fig - Lesson 8

Faithfulness Watermelon - Lesson 9

Self-Control Blueberry - Lesson 10

Review - Lesson 11

BONUS LESSONS: Mother's Day and Father's Day


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Sample Slides & Images

Fun Games & Activities

Practice gentleness by trying to land water balloons in a bucket without popping them!
Create some smiles and spread the joy with a class Joke-Off!
Take aim with some “Love Arrows” and hit the targets to win.
Stay calm and peaceful as you stack the oranges as high as you can before time runs out.

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