Helping kids manage worry,

expectations, and stress in a healthy way.

Let’s unpack some things.

Sometimes Jesus does things a little bit differently than we expect and that’s ok! Let’s UNPACK that together.

In this series, we will talk with the kids about worry and anxiety. We’ll share with the class how to live a life free from stress and worries. We’ll discover how the Lord’s ways of finding peace, joy, and a carefree life are reversed from what we would expect.

Instead of packing for a vacay, Jesus wants us to unpack our worries and our cares with Him. We can let him carry all of that for us. We can unpack our heavy suitcases and live a lighter life!  

Bonus: This series includes lessons for Palm Sunday and Easter

Ages: 3-K and Grades 1-5

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Scope and Sequence

Lesson 1: Unpack

Lesson 2: What's Now

Lesson 3: Carefree

Lesson 4: Stay

Lesson 5: Strong - Palm Sunday

Lesson 6: Life - Easter Sunday

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