Teaching kids how to prefer others and showing them why it’s important.

POP is Preferring Other People!

We’ll teach kids how to “POP” with patience, kindness, prayer, and more!

To prefer means to think of, to choose, to like, to favor, or to select. When you prefer someone else you are giving them a piece of love by allowing their choice to be heard above your own. You are choosing the person over your own idea or activity. We can prefer others in so many ways. We can serve. We can pray. We can give. What’s really cool is that God is constantly preferring us!

This series will work great as a VBA and should have your class popp’n!

Bonus Lesson: Carnival Week

Ages: 3-K and Grades 1-5

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Scope and Sequence

Lesson 1: Patience

Lesson 2: Kindness

Lesson 3: Giving

Lesson 4: Serving

Lesson 5: Praying

Lesson 6: God's Love

Lesson 7: Sharing Jesus

Lesson 8: Joy

Lesson 9: Carnival

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