Teaching kids about God’s love, loving others, and loving themselves.

We are all in a Love Race!

We’re using animals as examples to take a fun look at how God loves us and how we love others.

Sometimes love needs to act quickly… like a cheetah. Other times love moves slow… like a sloth. In this lesson, we are talking about being quick to listen and slow to speak. We’ll also take a special look at the Father’s Love using some penguin friends. Now, throw in some hummingbirds, bees, and a few bible stories and you have placed yourself at the starting line of Love Race.

Ages: 3-K and Grades 1-5

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Scope and Sequence

Lesson 1: Quick To Listen

Lesson 2: Slow To Speak

Lesson 3: The Father's Love

Lesson 4: Slow To Anger

Lesson 5: Love Yourself

Lesson 6: Be Kind with Kind Words

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