The Candy Exodus
Halloween Event

Journey with the Israelites and Moses to the Promised Land! 

Service Slides and Shopping List Included!

Relive the epic moments of the Israelites as they journey to the Promised Land with Moses as their guide! This fun lesson includes screen support for each element of the story. It’s paired with a perfect script that includes references to some popular candy bar favorites and some other kid-friendly treats.


You’ll get teacher notes that include the script, a shopping list, and activity sheets. The presentation is available in Keynote, ProPresenter, MOVs, and JPGs.


This semi-sweet translation of the story is taken from Numbers 13 and 14. It highlights some of the key moments of the journey that Moses and his newfound flock of followers encounter on their way to the land of Milk and Honey.


Activity Sheets

Sample Slides


This single lesson includes:

Print Files

Story Script
Teacher Notes
Activity Pack

Presentation Files


This Halloween lesson includes a script, shopping list, and animated slides. You just bring candy!

This story is MOUNDS of fun and there are GOOD AND PLENTY of candy references to go around.
We conclude the story with a prayer of salvation - reminding everyone that Jesus is our LIFESAVER!

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